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Create iPhone backup and keep your iPhone data safe forever. With the easy procedure and too many features software has made backup process very easy. Instead of using iTunes for backup, most of the users prefer this easy way for backup. All in one this software is best file transfer software. Support all latest iPhone models.


Why iPhone Backup Software?

iPhone is a Smartphone bundled with lots of features. As its name, it is really smart and can do many things, with such a small, portable and light weight body. Some of the features from its bundle are: it is a portable media player, a video camera, a intelligent mobile phone with 3G/3GS/4G/4S connectivity support, a handy personal computer with perfect web applications, wi-fi support and lot more. This smart device has wonderful hardware fascia with intelligent software capability. You can click a pictures, shoot videos of magnificent quality, use it for web enabled task with 3th or 4th generation connectivity, video calling etc. You can use it as GPS navigator, a play station, and a visual voicemail device. There are many other features also with sufficient memory support. Overall it is a perfect handy tool professional and personal task.

As this smart tool can do many tasks, thus we have to take care of its backup also. iPhone Backup is very necessary to avoid any unfamiliar situation. iPhone itself has a backup utility(iTunes) to backup its data on computer system. If you take regular backup of your iPhone then your are safe from any unbearable situation, but only taking backup from this local utility is not a solution for that. Many a time it is not so effective and is limited to regular backups only. If your iTune is not updated then it can cause problem and also it doesn't provide the backup for media library, purchased or free games etc. This is the case where iPhone face some problem, no need to worry now because a third party iPhone backup software is available. This is designed to overcome all the disadvantages of local iPhone backup utility/tool.

Different iPhone Backup Products

Backup iPhone

One very risky condition is the Resetting of iPhone. If you by mistake reset the iPhone to the factory settings then all the data which you have stored on your iPhone will be deleted and your iPhone will be a blank iPhone. Wise men had said that “Precaution is better than cure”. To follow these words you need to make a back up of you iPhone so that even if any kind of corruption or data loss happens to your iPhone, you always have a back up copy that can be very useful in such condition.

iPhone Backup process is a process that can be performed to backup all the files which are present on your iPhone. If you have not using a jail broken iPhone or Microsoft outlook then iTunes are a good option for you. Synchronization is a big issue in between outlook and iTunes so it generally can’t work properly. But if you think that your iPhone contains important data then you have to take a back up to save all your important emails, pictures, songs, videos, films, games and other files.

To do so software engineers have made the iPhone backup software that can work with all the iPhone and creates a back up and store it to your Computer which is either Windows based or Macintosh PC. It can back up all the data and stores it on the PC which can further be used to restore all things to the iPhone. It works like a simple wizard. You just need to connect your iPhone and then back up everything present on the iPhone.

There are many key functions and features of this software and they are:

This enable your system to take backup of full iPhone. It can backup media files, sms, contacts, mails, games and lot more.

Import and Export files:

  • It export iPhone files and data to PC. No matter what type of file it is, it can export media files, sms, contacts, games, settings and all which can save you from any drastic situation
  • Likewise export, it can also import files from PC to iPhone.

Efficiently transfer files between Apple devices:

  • Show your present iPhone details and last update. It will provide you the type, signature, version, capacity, serial number etc.
  • Using iPhone Backup Tool you can transfer files between two iPhones regardless of version and type.
  • This can also transfer files between any two Apple devices.

Convert your media files to iPhone supported files
This can convert your videos or audios into format which are compatible with iPhone. This can also trim/crop videos, make clips from audio/video files, make ringtones etc.

User-friendly options: There are many user-friendly options present in this application like:

  • Sort your file in predefined format which you specify to this application.
  • It can customize the display of files as per your need.
  • This can scan your iPhone for any damage or corrupt files.
  • This maintains chache for backup and file transfer between devices.

More Features.

System Requirement

Processor Intel® processor
OS Supported
Windows Xp, Vista, 7 Mac- snow leopard, lion osx 10.7
RAM 512 MB or above
Free Hard Disk 50 MB or above
Other iTunes 9.1 or above

Supported Device

iPhone 3g iPhone 3gs iPhone 4 iPhone 4s
iPod 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G iPod Touch 2, 3, 4 iPod Classic, Mini iPod shuffle 1, 2, 3
CDMA iPhone 4 iPad 1, 2 iOS 4.2, iOS 4.3

Supported File Format

Video MP4, M4V,MPEG-4, MOV, H.264
Images Jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif
Other Movie, Podcast, TV Shows, iTunes U, eBooks

Different iPhone Backup Products

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