Disable iPhone Backup to speed up iPhone syncing

With having an iPhone user can simply perform various works easily and with comfort. Even with having iPhone Backup software one can do create a backup of iPhone data files. But sometimes the speed of backup goes slow. Generally when iPhone is get connected with iTunes this initiates sync and in that backup processes get occurs during the sync. The sync updates the backup of files. Because of the slow speed of backing up of files user want to get disable automatic iPhone Backup and the process of sync as this can speed up the problem of slow speed whenever user get their iPhone plugged with the computer.

 disable iphone backup

Different iPhone Backup Products

One can disable iPhone backup if he is tired of enduring iPhone to iTunes syncs. The process can goes faster by disabling the backup process for Mac and Windows System. You can also disable the process of backup by setting a hidden iTunes preference. On making sync next iPhone cannot back up the files. But if user feel the requirement to make a backup of data at any point than simply do no and got your device sync. But before making any changes in settings quit on the iTunes.

The long waiting of user for the iPhone to make an auto backup when he wants to sync some of the songs and videos can simply force him to disable iPhone Backup Windows in iTunes. To make disable possible in iPhone is quite risky but this can be done. So close iTunes and follow the following steps:-

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With this you will be facing no problems afterwards. So try with disabling of backup of iPhone. Use iPhone for performing various functions that is not possible with simple mobile phones. This lets you to try with new things on iPhone Backup

Different iPhone Backup Products

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