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iTunes is developed by Apple. This is not only an entertainment application but this also acts as an interface between a computer and an iPhone device. Users can set number of playlists on the iTunes. iPhone is also one of the popular portable players which is used by many of the users nowadays. Many users who love to hear their favorite songs often save audios in their iPhone. But many times on the fear of loosing the files from iPhone there need to do a backup of all audio files with iTunes iPhone Backup. This can easily save files from any kind of loss.

 itune iphone backup

Different iPhone Backup Products

As the user of iPhone is increasing all day, its primary functions include of downloading music and making it transferred with friends. The size of the iPhone is small but its storage capacity is very high. Even iTunes can easily make saving of lots of files. In previous many users had query about does iTunes keep iPhone backups? But now this has been perfectly stated that the iTunes is all way capable in making a backup of all audio files of iPhone.


There are many iPhone users who also who want to restore data from their iTunes Backup. Most iPhone 3G users have also experienced that the backup process is very slow at the time when iPhone is connected to iTunes. With iTunes iPhone backing up of data is possible in iPhone 4,4s. With iPhone Backup Windows user can create a backup of Files of Window OS. But if it’s taking longer time that it’s possible to cancel the whole process and then make a regular Sync without backing up. The backup process can be disabled from starting and Windows users can quit iTunes and opens the Windows run dialog box. After this user can again connect iTunes with iPhone for backing up of files.

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There is new version of iTunes 8 in which user can make a backup of iPhone data which can be done with the iTunes 8 iPhone Backup. The iTunes store iPhone Backup files in the exact location: C:\documentsand settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup. Under that Backup Directory there is a directory which looks like a Guide and in that there is the files that iTunes uses to backup your iPhone and all the other settings. Therefore backing up of iTunes is easily possible with the iTunes iPhone Backup.

Different iPhone Backup Products

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